Mariam Elevate Awareness


Mariam Elevate Awareness


Swiss Dragons is proud to support Mariam Elevate Awareness.

Mariam Elevate Awareness, a Swiss non-profit Association established in Geneva in December 2017, has been recognized as being of public utility by the Cantonal Tax Administration of the Republic and Canton of Geneva.

Mariam – Elevate Awareness‘ objectives are to:
1. Support actions that aim to help children and give them the dignity they deserve.
2. Support actions that aim to help people have access to safe drinking water, have access to education, have access to information and give these populations the dignity they deserve.





Mariam – Elevate Awareness‘ actions are:
1. Supporting Foundations, Associations and Tech Companies through one-off public relations and fundraising events organized by the Mariam Association.
2. Production of nonpolitical reports and documentaries on the themes of childhood and water, to be distributed on a maximum of TV channels and social networks.
3. Organization of cultural trips with the aim of becoming aware of and raising awareness to the greatest number of human situations, little or not known in the context of childhood and access to drinking water.

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