Technology Transfer

We ''add value'' to your problems by transforming them into profitable solutions

Technology Transfer

Swiss Dragons effectively connects governments and technology enterprises as the key intermediary in the development of their Public Private Partnerships (PPP).

This activity evolved from the framework of our philanthropic activities to fulfill corporate goals to save lives and elevate human dignity worldwide. Swiss Dragons uses PPP’s to introduce with innovative and cost effective technology in the private sector to governments, international agencies and non profit organizations in the public sector to discuss their common interests, synergize their common agenda and execute their joint projects.

At Swiss Dragons, we seek and evaluate tech projects focusing on seeking turnkey solutions identified and prioritized such as:

  • Desalination
  • Vertically integrated, eco-friendly solutions for the collection and transformation of plastic waste into construction materials
  • New cost effective building technologies that utilize low cost, high quality materials to quickly construct durable housing in developing countries
  • Clean energy, especially Solar Energy
  • Socialized Housing
  • Food Security
  • Infrastructure including transportation, Entertainment Parks, etc.

Swiss Dragons enables interested parties to engage on its unique BtoG (Business to Government) and BtoB (Business to Business) network to achieve such synergies.

As an example:

Nereid’s patented desalination technology yields potable water and cristallized salt extracted from sea and brackish water that is cheaper than bottled water supplied to arid and under sourced water areas. Furthermore Nereid respects the natural environment by leaving its eco-balance intact unlike current reverse osmosis desalination plants that create and dispose their waste materials into the sea thereby aggravating the aquatic toxicity.

Another ecological benefit is the recycling of unused industrial heat to power its desalination system rather than adding energy demands to limited and more expensive supply from public utilities.

Furthermore, in case of natural catastrophies such as hurricanes and typhoons, Nereid can use decimated trees cleared from roads as biomass fuel to supply the potable water for emergency disaster relief.

The first 15,000 liter potable water production facility is being developed at SIG (Société Industriel de Genève that is Geneva Canton’s sole public utility firm for electricity, water, gas and thermal energy). This prototype was showcased in an inaugural presentation video produced by Swiss Dragons that was presented to the delegates at the International Civil Defence Organization (ICDO)’s 85th anniversary meeting on 21 November 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland.